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New Jersey gun training school
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SHOOT New Jersey Firearms NRA Training
Gun Training NJ
SHOOT New Jersey
The NRA has moved their Basic Pistol class to an ON-Line
"blended" training.

The Management at SHOOT NJ does not believe handling of
firearms should be taught on-line at all.

In it's place we will be teaching another National recognized
class. (Good for Fla Out of State carry permits)

SAFTD (Second Amendment Foundation Training Division)
F.A.S.T Handgun
SAFTD is Based on Defence and not sports.
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SAFTD Defensive Firearms Training, Pistol, rifle, shotgun, armorer
SAFTD FAST pistol handgun
Firearms Training,Rifle,Pistol,Shotgun,Personal Protection NRA Courses,gun safety classes in NJ