Civilian Vehicle Ambush #1 - Street Trauma Class

Civilian Vehicle Ambush #1 - Street Trauma Class (TACMED)  (Counts towards CEU for SAFTD Instructors (1000 round class, bring more no one is perfect)

windshildSM  windshild2SM   Stop the Bleed Save a Life

  • Civilian Vehicle Counter Ambush   "Huntington Pa 16652" Oct 4-5 2019 Cost  $550.00 (Light breakfast, Lunch, range fees included)
  • Not a normal TACMED Class we never teach anything that will put you in jail!
  • Medical Portion taught by Scott Crisp Former Special Forces Combat Medic-                      
    PADI certified Rescue Diver
    Certified Paramedic PA            
    Expert Field Medic Badge US Army\
    AHA Advanced Cardiac Life Support Instructor
    AHA Basic life support Instructor    sf
    US Army and Airforce       
    Long Range Reconnaissance and Surveillance (ABN)
    Special Forces Medic
    Airborne infantry                            
    Combat Military Police Officer                    
    French Army Commando
  • Ambush portion taught by former/current State Dept Employees, US Army Military Police, Defensive Contractors 

Understand the nuances and direct concerns of armed conflict on and around automobiles. (Riots-Blockages-Terrorist gangs)

  • FBI, Air Marshal, DOD-DSS quilifacations (Find where your skills lay)
  • Covering vehicle bailout drills.
    Deflection shots into a windshield
    Hard points and soft points exercises on actual vehicles with participant ballistic testing on
       doors, glass, drive train and panels of non up armored vehicles
    Exit from auto under attack drills
    Extract injured under fire drills
    Trapped vehicle drills
  • Bounding
  • Pairs, Team, with kids
  • Myth Busting (staying in the vehicle, A & B colum saferty)
  • Where:
    10525 Schoolhouse Hollow Rd
    Huntingdon, Pa 16652
  • Closest Airports:
     Altoona (AOO) or State College (SEC), closest major Airport Pittsburg (PIT - 2.5 hours away)

If you cannot keep up, (skill level, mentally, physically). Pease excuse yourself from the class.
No one will think any less of you. Being told to leave is a different story.
Laser/Sweep anyone and your class attendance is over. There are no refunds.

The instructors are all Military/Law Enforcement Vets with decades of real world experience.
This class is not a Ninja class. WE guarantee you will learn something useful!

Breakfast: Coffee and OJ
Lunch Included:

If everyone would like to hang out for dinner we can grab some soda, burgers, pizza etc.
(Throw in a couple bucks in for the munchies)

Ammunition can be supplied/purchased at the range location. (Prepaid two weeks before class)
$250 1000 rounds 9mm Fed Am Eagle
$425 1000 rounds 45ACP Fed Am Eagle

1000 rounds FMJ
Enough mags to hold 60 rounds
SAFTD approved holster outside the pants strong side. (Safety reasons)
Mag holster
Good strong holster belt
Hearing protection (Electronic recommended)
Sight protection
Range wear
Hydration pack (Water will be supplied)
Knee pads (optional)

This is not a beginner course.

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