SAFTD Skill Builder

SAFTD Skill Builder                                                                      (We are NOT a Public Range)   
This is NOT a basic class, it is shooting Drills on a range.
You MUST know how to use your gun before you come to this class.                            

Your gun, your ammo. your safety equipment.
Our instructors, targets and we pay range fees.
These classes are designed to be taken after our other classes to keep your skills sharp and even improve on them.                                                                        
Class is ALL range time. Starting time is 8:30am, please arive 8:15am.
These set of classes last approximately 3 hours.
They are a series proven range drills designed to improve your shooting skills.
Instructors watch and correct your issues. (Not just bark orders or using profanity)
SHOOT NJ will provide, water, range fees, targets.
Handgun Skill Builder Levels: F.A.S.T.- Level 1-Level 2-Level 3
Shotgun Skill Builder: F.A.S.T.-Level 1-Level 2-Level
Carbine Skill Builder: F.A.S.T.-Level 1-Level 2-Level 3
Rifle Skill Builder (Getting you ready for Precision Rifle):  F.A.S.T-Level 1 (Iron sights)-Level 2 (scoped small caliber)-Level P1 (Precision Rifle 1 100 yards)
Level P2 (Precision Rifle 2 100+ yards)

 Classes are removed once they are full or at the cut off date:

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