SAFTD MI Workshop

SAFpathmaster.gifTD Master Instructor Workshop 4 days May11-14, Huntingdon Pa 16652, near State College Pa. $650.00

This course will prepare the SAFTD Instructor to advance to Master Instructor. (Instructor trainer)
You must already be an SAFTD Instructor and meet the requirements to attend this class. Contact your MI if you have questions.

Subject covered:
Method of Instruction updates.
New Course outlines.
Updates policies.
Q&A period.
Impromptu Teach Backs at Master Instructor’s discretion (any subjects @ level 1).
SAFE OC Spray instructor’s class.
Range qualifications.
   FBI (or other LE) Handgun, Carbine, Shotgun. (Run by candidates observed by MI’s).
Dealing with challenged students.
Evaluating a student/instructor.
One handed manipulation handgun/carbine/shotgun.
Written test and oral evaluation.

What you need to bring:
500 rounds handgun, strong side holster, quality belt, mag holder (for two mags) mags equal to hold 40 rounds, hearing and sight protection, Range/weather clothing. Your normal range bag and supplies (You will be running a portion of the range).  Knee pads are optional.
100 rounds 5.56/.223
100 rounds 12 gauge bird shot/sport clays
Ammo will be available for purchase before at the class, please notify us of your needs 3 weeks before class.

We can supply AR15 and Defensive Shotgun for qualification so you don’t need to ship or bring anything.
We even have a few handguns and holsters available. To use any firearm you must provide a State CCW, Purchase permit or DL for our due diligence.

When you complete this class you will be able to teach: Handgun FAST-1-2, Carbine FAST-1, Shotgun FAST-1, SAFE/OC spray, Method of Instruction, Range Officer.





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