SAFTD Instructor Workshop

SAFTD Instructor Workshop 4 days $595 Webmoiro2

Workshops can be 4 continuous days or two weekends ten hour days. Light breakfast and full lunch included.
Please check the dates before you sign up.

This workshop includes:
MOI-Method of Instruction (16 hours 2nd day teach back of FAST Handgun
   "You should know all this basic information")
Range Officer (8 hours)
Defensive Handgun 1 Student (8 hours W/Live fire)
Defensive Handgun 1 Instructor (8 hours)

All written tests and shooting qualifications must be at a 90% or higher.
You will shoot the FBI pistol qualification (No holster) and must attain a 90% or higher.
You must have a current CPR/AED-First Aid card from a government or national recognized
  organization to become an SAFTD Instructor.
$500,000+ business/liability insurance is highly recommended

You will need a handgun, 200 rounds sight and hearing protection.
A light breakfast and full lunch, range fees, manuals and handouts are included.

This class teaches you how to be an SAFTD instructor it does not teach you basic shooting skills.
This class will be taught by a SAFTD Master Instructor.

There is a $50 initial Instructor fee to pay for your ID card, Certs and use of our
 Instructors Portal. There is a yearly fee $50 that will also cover a new ID and updates.

After you pass the class and complete all paperwork you can teach, F.A.S.T. Handgun,
 Defensive Handgun 1, Skill Builder Pistol-Fast and 1.

If you fail the course there are no refunds.

Workshop will be held in Huntingdon Pa 16652, near State College Pa.


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