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SHOOT NJ & SHOOT PENN, LLC offers you the newest and most comprehensive classes in the United States.

With over 90 Student and Instructor classes, we provide provided Basic Beginner to Advanced Firearms Training
(Example -Civilian Counter Vehicle ambush, Precision Rifle, Team Tactics).
Second Amendment Firearms Training & Education Association also offers Safety and Medical training.
CPR/AED-First Aid-Trauma etc.
We can bring the training to you, contact us for class minimums and requirements.
We are fully insured and are all certified trainers through multiple organizations.
We are always continuing our own educations to bring you the very best training offered.

This move is in direct response to NJ gun laws, in addition it adds more quality instructors to our Instructor Cadre.
We own a private range which gives more options and which means more advanced classes to teach.  
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Civilian Vehicle Counter-Ambush #1 With TACMED - Class,  May 8-9 2021 in Huntingdon Pa. 16652

$495  Price includes Lunch and all range fees. 
Not a beginner class. Click the link for more information. 

This is a handgun class because most of us don't carry long guns in the front seat with us.

windshildSM windshild2SM     Stop the Bleed Save a Life


Precision Rifle  2021 SAFTEA Precision Rifle Classes at  Range#2 Huntingdon Pa 16652 area.  
Taught by trained Long Range Military, Law Enforcement and competition
shooters. All classes are 2 days long.
SAFTEA Precision Rifle #1 (April 24-25)  
SAFTEA Precision Rifle #2 (May 8-9)  
SAFTEA Precision Rifle #3 (May 29-30)
Precision Rifle #1- Introduction to Long Range shooting-Learning basics and your system. 100-300 yards
Precision Rifle #2- Unusual positions, using tripod, 2" groups 500 yards or less
Precision Rifle #3-  1000 yards shooting - NOT an beginner class.  
Designated Defensive Marksman Civilian 3 days - 25-500 yards, hides, stalking, must already be comfortable
with your rifle. NOT an beginner class.
Home Defensive (Alexandria , Pa) 
March 27-28 2021 2020 Cost $175.00
Time: 8:00 am - 4:00 pm  No walk-ins, you must be registered and paid.
  Click here for the registration page





SAFTEA Master Instructor Workshop May 1st-6th 2021, Huntington Pa 16652.  Cost $695  MIW Page
   More information on the MIW Page, for Only open to qualified SAFTEA instructors ONLY.



 SAFTD SAFE program Shoot NJ    


 SAFTD Training NJ      SHOOT NJ, LLC is proud to be one of the founding members of the SAF Training Division.   

SAFTD, is nationally recognized and its classes are accepted by many states for their concealed carry class.
SAFTD-LE is our Law Enforcement section and has taught classes at the "IALEFI" International Association of Law Enforcement Firearms Instructors conference.



New Shooters Classes                                      Student Level Classes                                    Instructor Level Classes
SAFTD F.A.S.T. Handgun Classes SAFTD Defensive Handgun 1 SAFTD Defensive Handgun 1 Instructor
SAFTD F.A.S.T. Rifle/Carbine Classes SAFTD Defensive Handgun 2 SAFTD Defensive Handgun 2 Instructor
SAFTD F.A.S.T. Shotgun Classes SAFTD Defensive Handgun 3 SAFTD Defensive Handgun 3 Instructor
Instructor Courses (Start Here) SAFTD Defensive Shotgun 1 SAFTD Defensive Shotgun 1 Instructor
SAFTD Methods of Instruction MOI SAFTD Defensive Shotgun 2 SAFTD Defensive Shotgun 2 Instructor
SAFTD Range Officer RO SAFTD Defensive Shotgun 3 SAFTD Defensive Shotgun 3 Instructor
NSC CPR/AED (4 Hours) SAFTD Defensive Carbine 1 SAFTD Defensive Carbine 1 Instructor
NSC First Aid 1 (4 Hours) SAFTD Defensive Carbine 2 SAFTD Defensive Carbine 2 Instructor
NSC First Aid 2 SAFTD Defensive Carbine 3 SAFTD Defensive Carbine 3 Instructor
  SAFTD Precision Rifle 1-2-3 SAFTD Precision Rifle 1-2-3 Instructor
Advanced Instructor Classes SAFTD AR Platform Armorer  Pepper Spray Instructor
 Master Instructor Work Shop 4 Days SAFTD AR Platform Technician  
SAFTD Range Master SAFTD S.A.F.E.* SAFTD S.A.F.E. Instructor*
SAFTD Range Operations S.A.F.E. OC Spray  S.A.F.E. OC Spray Inst.
  L.E.-Security Classes S.A.F.E. Home & Vehicle  S.A.F.E. Home & Vehicle Inst
  S.A.F.E Response to Active Threat  S.A.F.E Response to Active Threat Inst
  S.A.F.E. Church Safety  S.A.F.E. Church Safety Inst
  S.A.F.E. Travel Safety  S.A.F.E. Travel Safety Inst
  S.A.F.E. School  S.A.F.E. School Inst
  SAFTD Vehicle Defense  SAFTD Vehicle Defense Inst
  SAFTD Pistol Cartridge Reloading SAFTD Pistol Cartridge Reloading Inst.
  SAFTD Rifle Cartridge Reloading SAFTD Rifle Cartridge Reloading Inst.
NOTE: No Special-Private-Corporate class date will be booked until payments have been received. The student roster must be provided two weeks in advance of the class or the class will be rescheduled.  No show students will not receive a refund.
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